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Megan Markl osmislila modnu kolekciju: Najpovoljnija haljina košta svega 22 evra! (FOTO+VIDEO)

Vojvotkinja od Saseksa zakoračila u svet modne industrije

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Supruga princa Harija i nekadašnja glumica Megan Markl osmislila je modnu kolekciju Smart Set u saradnji s organizacijom Smart Works. Očekivano, ona je već ostvarila veliki uspeh!

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Here's Meghan….at the launch of Smart Works' collaboration with John Lewis, Jigsaw and M&S. Meeting some of the articulate, funny women who've been scooped up from depression and hopelessness by this charity and put back on the road was the main point. I've said it before – anyone who thinks appearance is frivolous, is kidding themselves big time. One of the Smart Works "clients" at the launch today told us about the first time they introduced her to the idea of wearing red and orange together. "I didn't even know you could do that…." The transformative power of nice clothes …. This is the second event I've been at where Meghan has spoken so fluently and thoughtfully that I kept looking round for the autocue. There wasn't one. If she can get past the private jets I'm pretty sure she's going to end up being unambiguously a force for good. Harry too. Plus they're not Andrew. So win, win. BTW, I sat next to someone at the launch who worked for Meghan until recently and had turned up today to support her – which slightly raises a question mark over all the stories about her entire staff hating her…. . . . . #duchessofsussex #meghanmarkle #smartworks #dressforsuccess #workwear #interviewoutfit #whiteshirt #powerdressing

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Lepa Amerikanka je kolekciju koju čine isključivo poslovni odevni komadi osmislila nakon što je posetila nekolicinu organizacija koje pružaju pomoć i savete nezaposlenim ženama nešto slabijeg finansijskog statusa.

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I was pleased to hear yesterday that the Duchess of Sussex is the new royal patron of @smartworkscharity – a charity that offers quality workwear and advice to women seeking employment – It will really help to raise their profile. There are other charities that also offer this service eg. @dressforsuccess so if there are any ladies with bulging working wardrobes or designers with suitable spare sample pieces reading – these are great places to donate your work appropriate clothing 💫 Dressing for interviews is something I touched on in the dressing section of my book – first impressions are really important and your appearance at interviews is always noted (if you’ve read my book you’ll know of one outfit I witnessed on an interviewee that was definitely not appropriate in the workplace! 🙈😅) It is really important to present your best self to prospective employers which can be hard for some people that are unemployed as long term unemployment can lead to low self esteem which can make it hard to dress up, and you may also struggle financially to buy appropriate workwear. In terms of style I think it’s best to stick to the classics, and stay as neutral as possible with the colour scheme. I’m trying to remember what I wore for my interview at Buckingham Palace and I think it was actually trousers suprisingly! Grey trousers a black top and an ivory blazer…that was about 12 years ago and I still remember what I wore 😅After that my go-to interview outfit was a Top Shop Black/white Peter Pan collar dress🌟This little black dress is from with @hobbslondon, coat by @Reiss scarf by @johnlewisandpartners gloves from @marksandspencer and bag from @modaluengland. All pieces currently reduced in the winter sales 💫If any followers are looking for interview style advice feel free to send me a message if you want help deciding what to wear! I think people seeking employment should be given as much support and encouragement as possible from those in a position to do so!💖💫#workwear #workingwardrobe #styleadvice #interviewoutfit #whattowear #smartworks #duchessofsussex #dresstoimpress #dressforsuccess #theladysmaid #wardrobewisdom

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Marklova je, naime, primerila da štićenice ovih institucija nemaju odeću koja bi im na razgovorima za posao pružila neophodno samopouzdanje.

Zato je supruga princa Harija odabrala brendove s kojima želi da sarađuje i dizajnirala mini-kolekciju koju čine haljina, klasične crne pantalone, blejzer, bela košulja i kožna torba. Reč je o humanitarnom radu Megan Markl – za svaki prodati komad jedan identičan biće doniran organizaciji Smart Works, koja će ih zatim pokloniti svojim štićenicama.

Najpopularniji među ovim artiklima je haljina s tri-četvrt rukavima koja doseže nešto iznad kolena. Prodaje se u trima bojama: plavoj, crvenoj i crnoj, s tim što je model crvene boje već rasprodat! To je, uz to, i najpovoljniji komad, budući da njegova cena iznosi 22 evra.

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